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HSMAI Region Europe Awards

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Best Technology Innovator of the Year 2017
This award goes to the technology provider who has delivered an innovative solution to a long established challenge, provided an alternative (more efficient) solution to a current practice or introduced a solution to satisfy a recent consumer trend. The winner must have successfully deployed their solution to a large customer base who achieved demonstrable benefit as a result.

Best Young Talent Supporter of the Year
Over the past decade the hospitality industry has struggled to retain young talent. This award recognises the development of programmes within the organisation to attract and develop young talent, with a demonstrable investment in and focus on continuous education, career development and mentorships.

Best Direct Business Drive of the Year
Substantially increasing the share of direct business and achieving less reliance on third parties is a key goal for most hospitality businesses. A coherent strategy, which is designed to achieve this goal will encompass digital design and targeted activity, effective use of CRM solutions or programmes and not least constant engagement in day-to-day contact with the guest on property.

Best Customer Experience of the Year
This award includes customer service, transformation of customer journey and service recovery.
Including how key stages of the customer journey are identified, critical points and involvement, selected service development and changes with rationale, feedback loops and measurements. How is consistency and quality assured? Explanations and/or case studies of, for example, service designed, changes made, outcomes and measurements will be helpful.

Implementation of an integrated strategy to enhance guest experience at all stages of a customer’s journey from the start of the booking process through to their departure. This incorporates the use of appropriate and innovative technologies, targeted staff training and the redesign of operational procedures to remove friction points in as many areas as possible. The organisation must demonstrate a bold attitude to change and a willingness to constantly test alternative solutions.

How does your organisation improve the service recovery process? Including innovative (use of) customer feedback systems, changes to processes for handling dissatisfied customers, changes to employee empowerment levels, measurements, evidence of improvements. Are there improvements in how the feedback improves the service quality? What are they and how do you do and measure this? Who is involved and why? How are the employees prepared? Use specific examples and data where possible).

Best Cultural Transformation of the Year
This award includes communication and recognises the company that has successfully (re-)defined their core purpose and implemented a culture and a sense of “WHY”. This unique message is also visibly translated and implemented into commercial activity and yields positive results in terms of increased revenues, guest satisfaction scores or other relevant KPIs.

In relation to the quality of customer service experience and the organisation’s Service Pledge.
Include examples of how communication (two ways) with key stakeholders (internal and external; for example customers, owners, local community, management, employees, suppliers) have had a positive impact on a) developing the organisation’s service pledge and b) the service experienced at key stages of the customer journey in the organisation. Share (diplomatically) how you have dealt with any barriers or difficulties.
Enclose examples of successfully implemented changes to improve the customer service experience. This may include frequency of communication, use of different channels, innovative follow up measures, level of empowerment at customer contact points, training in changes in communication.

Demonstrate how perceptions of sincerity, transparency and trustworthiness are handled and their impact on the successful implementation of the Service Pledge.

Including changes to processes for internal communication, celebration and rewards of successes, strategies for dealing with barriers, employee recruitment and development and evidence of impact on customer service experience.

Be specific, what measures have been implemented, which and how many employees have been involved, how much time per employee, management involvement. Share systems or processes used, difficulties to overcome and how, what changes have they resulted in, for example in relation to employees motivation, qualifications, workloads, absences due to illnesses etc.. Include, wherever possible, evidence and case studies of how the employees own experiences may have a positive impact on the customer service experience and its consistency.

Best development of Integrated Commercial Function of the Year
Organisational structures (particularly between HQ and the properties) and misaligned departmental incentives are often the biggest barriers to hotel companies maximising the commercial opportunities available to them. This award recognises the organisation that eliminated organisational silos and conflicting priorities, and created a cohesive commercial function incorporating Sales, Revenue Management, Digital Marketing and Distribution aligned behind a common commercial strategy and success.

Europe`s Top 20 Extraordinary minds and contributors to the industry of Commercial & Revenue Optimisation Leaders

HSMAI European Awards 2017 will recognise the people that deserve to be awarded for their great work in Hospitality, travel, and tourism this year.

The hospitality and travel industry requires creative thinkers, innovators and team players. The HSMAI Region Europe Top 20 honours these top achievers in leadership, sales, marketing, and revenue optimisation of hospitality, travel and tourism organisations for their accomplishments. HSMAI Region Europe recognize leaders that are high achievers who stand out through their creativity and innovation, cutting - edge programs, triump in challenging situations that resulted in dramatic gains. The people nominated for this list have also made incredible contributions to the industry as a whole, not just the companies they are representing.


The jury of the HSMAI Region European Awards 2017 consists of experienced top leaders from diverse parts of the hospitality, travel and tourism industry

Judging Criteria

Each entry will be judged according to the category criteria and the following:

  • Challenge – Describe the challenge that your company attempted to meet
  • Solution – Give a brief description of the rationale behind the submitted entry
  • Goal – What was the goal of the activity?
  • Effect – Describe the effect of the activity

Entry & Judging Process

All entries for award consideration must be entered and submitted online. Entrants must submit materials related to each entry.